Course Objectives:

  • Historical Context:

    • Understand major historical events during the Victorian era.
    • Examine the impact of industrialization and urbanization.
  • Social and Cultural Changes:

    • Explore transformations in class structures and gender roles.
    • Analyze the role of religion and morality in Victorian society.
  • Literary Movements and Genres:

    • Survey Romanticism, Realism, and Gothic in Victorian literature.
    • Study key literary figures and their contributions.
  • Literary Analysis:

    • Analyze representative works for themes and stylistic elements.
    • Examine literature's reflection of societal issues.
  • Political Developments:

    • Examine parliamentary reforms and British Empire expansion.
    • Discuss political events' impact on citizens.
  • Art and Architecture:

    • Explore Victorian art, including the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
    • Understand the influence of visual arts on culture.
  • Science and Technology:

    • Investigate scientific advancements and technological innovations.
    • Explore the influence of science on culture.
  • Colonialism and Imperialism:

    • Examine the expansion of the British Empire.
    • Discuss cultural and social implications of imperialism.


CO1:Students will have a thorough understanding of the structure and various provisions of

the constitution

CO2:Enable students to understand the function of different constitutional bodies and


CO3:Students will be able to evaluate the working of the political system

CO4:Empower the students with skills necessary for a good citizen in a democracy


CO1:Provide to the students an overview of the nature of politics and government

CO2:Enable the students to understand the function of institutional structures and how they

drive individual and organizational behaviors

CO3:Students will be able to work with the approaches and theories used by political

scientists to understand political phenomena

CO4:Students will be able to analyze current political situations