The Course Outcomes (COs) of the EM Course

  • CO1: Understand the concept of Electric field, electric potential, magnetic field and magnetic potentials.
  • CO2: Use the principle of superposition and law of Gauss to calculate electric field intensity.
  • CO3: Determine Electric potential of charge distributions and hence specify electric field intensity.
  • CO4: Understand the basic properties of conductors and capacitors.
  • CO5: Calculate the magnetic fields due to currents using Biot-Savart and Ampere laws.
  • CO6: Compare Magnetostatics and Electrostatics.
  • CO7: Understand Diamagnets, Paramagnets and Ferro magnets.

The Course Outcomes (COs) of the course QMECH is given below.

  • CO 1: Understand the limitations of classical mechanics.
  • CO2: Explain Blackbody radiation problem, Photoelectric effect and Compton Effect using quantum theory of radiation.
  • CO3: Understand Rutherford, Bohr atom models and concept of energy and angular momentum quantisation.
  • CO4: Understand de-Broglie hypothesis, concept of wave nature of matter and Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  • CO5: Determine probability of finding a particle and expectation values of variable using its wave function.
  • CO6: Write and solve Schrodinger equation for simple quantum mechanical systems.
  • CO7: State and explain Pauli‚Äôs exclusion principle.